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The Sleeping Sanctuary


“While sleeping, we rejuvenate, rest and heal. We need a room that is clean, natural and electrically quiet.”


Sleep Sanctuary

We each spend about a third of our lives in our bedroom. It is an important place to start when looking for ways to improve our home environment.

Small changes have big effects on long-term health and well-being.  EMFs in the bedroom can cause insomnia, and prevent the production of melatonin, a hormone produced in our brain that is responsible for maintaining our immune system.  A healthy immune system provides protection from all the assaults we are subjected to during the day.  Think of your bedroom as the place where you give your body a chance to recover, recharge and rebuild.

The bedroom is the most important part of an EMF Assessment.  Even small changes will be of benefit. 

The first things to do to create a sleep sanctuary are moving electronics away from the immediate area around the bed, including wireless phones, clock radios and TVs, all of which emit electromagnetic radiation.  

Replace your electric clock radio for a battery operated clock.  

Are there cords under your bed?  Move them to another place in the room and do not plug anything into the outlet in the wall where you lay your head.  

If you can, plug everything into one power strip and either place that power strip 10' away from the bed or unplug it  before you go to sleep.  Cords that are plugged into the wall are still emitting AC electric fields, even if the device isn't turned on.  

What are your sheets made of?  Swap out any synthetic blends to natural and organic fibers. Wool mattress pads, cotton and bamboo fabrics do not hold static electricity and they regulate temperature and moisture next to the body naturally.

Is there carpet in the bedroom?  If you can, avoid synthetic, nylon or any petroleum/plastic or vinyl based flooring. Wool, jute, hemp, natural linoleum and hardwood are all healthy choices.

Consider your furniture: is it made with particle board, glues, or synthetic finishes. Use solid wood, rattan, bamboo or other natural materials that will not be off-gassing while you sleep. 

These changes will benefit you in the short term in the form of sleeping better, feeling better and functioning better.  They will also benefit you in the long term with better health, vitality and well-being.

If you are sick, recovering or in close proximity of cell phone towers or high power lines, a bed canopy may be required for protection: