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Radon Testing


$150 for a single device at one structure up to 2500 sq. ft.

$50 for additional structures or for over 2500 sq. ft.


How does the radon testing process work?


We strictly follow the testing guidelines (protocols) for real estate transactions of the United States EPA and the quality control procedures established AARST-NRPP. This is the only way a consistent and accurate test can be provided.

When do you test?

For a real estate transaction, most tests are conducted during the contingency period (aka "objections") after you have made an offer on the property.  In most cases, the contingency period is approximately 10 days during which time you would take care of things like a home inspection, pest inspection, etc. and the radon test.  You, or your agent, may call us (505-670-6738) to schedule the test.


As part of a real estate transaction, there is always the possibility that the radon test can be interfered with. One of several ways our company tries to insure a valid and accurate test for you, is to have a Compliance Sheet signed, when possible or necessary, by someone who is in control of the property. This might be the owner/occupant or an agent. By signing, the person in control of the property is saying that they will abide by the closed house conditions described in the document and will not tamper with the equipment in any way. We believe, by signing, the person in control of the property is more likely to abide by the closed house conditions to which they have been instructed to maintain. 


epermThe equipment we use to conduct the test is a E-Perm Ion Chamber Technology by Radalec. This is continuously the most accurate device on the market according to independent tests* and is used by the EPA themselves when they conduct radon testing.  The equipment also records any movement in addition to hourly reading of the barometric pressure, humidity, and temperature as that data may have an effect on the test or may indicate tampering with the test. Full page professional reports including graphs of the data are generated.   Location of the monitor in the tested property is in accordance with US EPA protocols. The monitor will remain in position for 48 hours or longer. Please read the Test in Progress Sheet for more information on closed house conditions and the radon test.

NEHA-Healthy-Homes1-400x400Report delivery

After the testing period has elapsed, the data is retrieved and analyzed at my office.  At that point, a complete report is prepared and delivered via email as a PDF attachment back to the client and their broker (unless told otherwise). This entire process is completed in a timely manner such that the report of the test is usually available within the hour. Here is an example radon report in PDF form.


After the report is sent, I am available then (and at any time in the future) to address your concerns, answer your questions, offer suggestion and referrals if requested.





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EMF Assessments & Solutions


We offer assessments based on your needs and budget.   Need a whole home assessment, pre-purchase or just a bedroom?  

Bedrooms $90 incl. analysis of all sources of EMF/RF affecting bedrooms, body voltage measurements, before and after readings to bring levels down to Building Biology None - Slight Concern level.  

WiFi Analysis - $125   incl. analysis of all Wi-fi sources, before and after remediation measurements and additional suggestions

Pre-Purchase Property Analysis - $150  incl. outside & inside measurements of Radio Frequency (RF Microwave), AC Electric and AC Magnetic Fields

Need something not mentioned?  Call for a quote.   

9-Point EMF Bed map

9-Point EMF Bed Map

EMF/RF Whole Home Assessments: 

$325 for up to 2000' sq.ft.

$425 over 2000' sq.ft.

Over 3000'sq.ft. call for quote 

Our On-Site Surveys and Investigations Provide:

=> Education about the EMR/RF issue, current building biology guidelines and a final suggested plan of action for lowering EMF fields to health-supporting levels.

=> Custom reduction suggestions 

=> Custom protection strategies 

=> Creation of Sleep Sanctuary 

=> Comprehensive yet easy-to-read detailed confidential reports

=> Property-Specific Recommendations

=> 30 minute follow-up support by phone (re-tests and more in-depth support are available at reduced prices, inquire for more info)


What Happens at an EMF Assessment

Through on-site investigations, we provide detailed, property-specific advice aimed at improving the safety of living and working-spaces.

We advise clients dealing with EMF/EMR issues and/or concerns and help them in selecting the most cost-effective mitigation measures for their particular situation.

An EMF assessment will answer such possible questions as:

  • Do I have high levels?
  • What type of EMF is present?
  • When and where in my house are the levels high?
  • What is the true source of the field?  Is it what I thought it was?
  • Do my shielding products work and reduce my exposure?

The purpose of an EMF assessment is detection and evaluation of the following:

  • AC Magnetic Fields from outside sources such as cell towers and antennas and inside sources in sleeping areas, computer work areas, children's play rooms, and any areas that you spend a great deal of time. Power Lines can cause large magnetic fields. It is important to determine the location of external power lines and the entry point of this power to your house, and measure the fields with and without the electricity on to determine the effect of this outside source. 

  • Grounding issues over 80% of homes have high magnetic fields due to faulty wiring.  

  • AC Electric Fields from outside sources such as neighboring power lines and transformers and inside sources in all sleeping areas, computer work stations, children's play rooms, and any areas where you spend a great deal of time. 

  • Radio Frequency "RF" Radiation from inside and outside sources such as cell phone, cell phone towers, smart meters as well as in sleeping areas, offices,  cordless phones, microwave ovens, radar and other wireless communication. 

  • Dirty Electricity is another name for electromagnetic interference (EMI) on your electrical circuits.  is generated by electronic devices, as they operate. It circulates through a building’s electrical system and radiates into the environment through wiring, outlets, power strips, and electronics and efficiency lighting, contaminating the environment with electro-pollution.

  • Outside  Sources of Radio Frequency from neighbor's networks, cell towers, radar and other wireless communication.

  • Stray Current on gas and water pipes from electrical wiring errors.

  • Magnetization of bedsprings. The metal coils in a conventional mattress produce magnetic fields and need to be tested.

  • Measurement of selected appliances for electric and magnetic fields.


You will get the most of an EMF inspection if you are present as I explain the steps involved and subsequent findings.  The bottom-line purpose of an EMF Assessment is to:

Reduce or eliminate as many sources as possible, and verify this with the testing equipment and any filters that may be applied to the areas.

  • Discuss recommendations/solutions for EMF sources that cannot be corrected during the visit (if any) – for example, sources out of your control such as cell tower radiation and other neighborhood EMFs that cannot be controlled within the home.
  • Recommend safer use of technology such as computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets etc and offer alternatives solutions. Often it costs nothing or very little to reduce exposure to within accepted limits.

How long does an EMF inspection take?

Most home inspections typically take a minimum of 3-4 hours for a 1-3 bedroom home. 

Do I/we need to be home for the inspection?

Ideally, yes – educating you about what is in your environment and understanding your living patterns allows you to get the most benefit from the inspection.  Long after it is over, you will understand what you heard, what you saw, the choices you can make and why you want to do so.  Each home is individual, you will have questions and will see for yourself what has been reduced / eliminated and the degree of exposure you were subject to.   Your questions are encouraged and welcomed. 

Is it possible to purchase my own meters and test my home?

Absolutely.  One thing to keep in mind is that while the EMF meters are an integral part of any inspection process (you can't know exposure levels until you test (they pick up what is invisible), often the evaluation of EMFs in a particular location require understanding cause and effect, how different fields combine together, and an ability to interpret the results so as to paint the whole picture.  The identification of the various sources of EMFs is sometimes obvious, and sometimes not.  A comprehensive understanding of all the possible solutions is required to assure complete direct EMF prevention, protection and remediation. 

Water Testing

whats-in-your-waterWe will come to your home and collect samples of your water for testing.  We use a state-certified microbiological laboratory testing water for bacteria (total coliform and E. coli).  See below for FAQs.


Total coliform and E.coli

Turn around: 2 to 3 days


Bacteria (total coliform and E. coli) and nitrate
Turn around: 2 to 3 days


Bacteria, nitrate, nitrite and lead
Turn around: 10-14 days (Rush fee $25) 5-7 days


Bacteria, conductivity, copper, iron, nitrate, pH, salinity, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) and total hardness
Turn around: 2 to 3 days

Santa Fe Sampler

Alkalinity, arsenic, bacteria, chloride, conductivity, copper, fluoride, iron, lead, manganese, nitrate, pH, salinity, TDS, total hardness and uranium
Turn around: 10-14 days
$506.42 - With sampling service 

* Prices include Santa Fe tax.

* Certified sampling service is quoted for the Santa Fe area only.  * Rush fees, additional tests and prices on request.



Testing FAQs

I just want to know if my water is safe to drink? 

Answer: The basic test which includes bacteria (total coliform and ecoli) and nitrates is the appropriate choice. This is a good test to do on an annual basis, if you have work done on your well or equipment, if you have a break in your line or if your well house has flooded.


Why should I do the FHA Test?

Answer: The FHA only applies if you are getting a FHA loan or a VA loan.


I want to know more but I am short on time. (Turnaround time 2-3 days) 

Answer: The profile test is specifically designed for a quick turnaround (2-3 days).


What about arsenic and uranium? 

Answer: The Santa Fe Sampler includes both arsenic and uranium, other heavy metals and physical characteristics. If you have the time, this is a good test to do in northern New Mexico. (Turnaround time 10-14 working days)


Can I test for just one item such as fluoride or arsenic? 

Answer: Yes. The usual turnaround time would be 2-3 days up to 14 working days. Just contact us for specific time and price.

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