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Santa Fe Radon Levels

US EPA Radon Zone Map

US EPA Radon Zone Map

Santa Fe County is in the Red Zone” on the EPA Radon Map

This map was created by the EPA to assist national, state and local organizations where to target their resources and to implement radon-resistant building codes.   Each “zone” represents an increase in the likelihood that radon will be above safe levels.  The Red, Zone 1 areas are the worst.   Santa Fe, New Mexico is in Zone 1.

That that means is that Radon Zone 1 will predict an average indoor radon screening level greater than 4 pCi/L, which is above the recommended levels as signed by the EPA.   Santa Fe is located in a high risk area of the country.  

That correlates to one out of three homes in the county being above the safety level.

The EPA, National Institute of Health, and American Cancer Society and Radon recommends all homes be tested for unsafe levels of radon, no matter what zone.  That said, it is even more important in Santa Fe.  There’s just no other way to know.

New Mexico Radon Statistics

New Mexico has 31 counties and 8 (26%) have been assigned Zone 1 counties by the EPA.  Zone 1 counties have the highest potential to have homes test higher than 4 pCi/L. New Mexico’s state radon zone average is 1.16, which is the average of all county zone ratings the EPA has assigned the state, ranking it 5 among all states.

Disclaimer: It is strongly recommended that all households, schools and office spaces test radon levels individually. The EPA Radon Zone data is not an indicator of individual test results, but a guideline for strategic planning. Toxic radon levels can be found in all counties, regardless of their zone rating. While we make efforts to keep this information up to date, it is derived from third­ party sources which may not be accurate or reflect the most current statistics.




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