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Why Test for Radon?  

  • Santa Fe is in a red, Zone 1 on the EPA Radon Map which new-mexico-radon-map1means one out of three homes is high in radon.  This has been proven to be true in my testing over three years.  There is no area that doesn't have radon. I've seen three houses in a row, two on the outside were high, the one in the middle was not.  No way to know the level until you test.  
  • More and more buyers and testing for radon every year.  Generally, the onus is on the seller to pay for mitigation.  Mitigation can cost anywhere from $1500 - $8000.  When you go to sell, there's a good chance the buyer will have a radon test done, and if high, you will be asked to pay for mitigation.  Might as well know now, and also live in a healthy home while you're there.  
  • The statement "radon is only in basements" doesn't apply here.  Yes, radon is highest closest to the ground and it dissipates as it moves up and gets diluted.  Most of the homes in Santa Fe County are built on a slab on grade foundation.  So, essentially the first floor of the house is the basement.  Radon rises from the ground through the tiniest of cracks in foundations and numerous other avenues directly into the first-floor living spaces.  Even more reason to have a radon test. 
  • It is the #1 cause of lung cancer among non-smokers and the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer among smokers.  Especially vulnerable are small children who are still developing, crawling on the floor and who are smaller, so breathing closer to the ground.  Lung tissue is very delicate, the particles we test for are large enough to chip glass under a microscope, can lodge in the lungs and cause cancer years down the road.  Best to know what you're dealing with, protect your future health and those you love and test for radon. 


$150 for a single device at one structure up to 2500 sq. ft.

$50 for additional structures or for over 2500 sq. ft.



How does the radon testing process work?  

We strictly follow the testing guidelines Radon is REAL - TEST FOR IT(protocols) for real estate transactions of the United States EPA and the quality control procedures established AARST-NRPP. This is the only way a consistent and accurate test can be provided.


When do you test?

For a real estate transaction, most tests are conducted during the contingency period (aka "objections") after you have made an offer on the property.  In most cases, the contingency period is approximately 10 days during which time you would take care of things like a home inspection, pest inspection, etc. and the radon test.  You, or your agent, may call us at 505-670-6738 to schedule the test.



As part of a real estate transaction, there is always the possibility that the radon test can be interfered with. One of several ways our company tries to insure a valid and accurate test for you, is to have a Compliance Sheet signed, when possible or necessary, by someone who is in control of the property. This might be the owner/occupant or an agent. By signing, the person in control of the property is saying that they will abide by the closed house conditions described in the document and will not tamper with the equipment in any way. We believe, by signing, the person in control of the property is more likely to abide by the closed house conditions to which they have been instructed to maintain.



e-permsThe devices we use to conduct the test is true-integrating E-Perm Ion Chamber Technology by Radalec. This is consistently the most accurate device on the market according to independent tests* and is used by the EPA themselves when they conduct radon testing.  

The equipment also records any movement in addition to hourly reading of the barometric pressure, humidity, and temperature as that data may have an effect on the test or may indicate tampering with the test. Full page professional reports including graphs of the data are generated. 



Report delivery 

After the devices are retrieved, the data is analyzed at my office and a complete report is prepared and delivered via email as a PDF attachment. The report is sent to the client and their broker (unless told otherwise) within two hours of pickup (often sooner).   



After the report is sent, I am available then and at any time in the future to address your concerns, answer your questions, offer suggestion and referrals if requested. 


Protect Your Home From Harmful Radiation

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