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Pre-Conception Healthcare Planning

Are you a parent or planning a pregnancy?   Are you a grand-parent, aunt, or love someone planning a pregnancy?   Measuring the electric and magnetic fields in the bedroom where the mother will be sleeping should be a part of every pre-conception preparation plan.  

Are you a health practitioner?   

The two videos below are critically important for you.  

=>At 14:00 of the bottom video, Dr. Klinghardt's video speaks about his study of Autism and the harmful effects of high magnetic fields in the bedrooms of mothers while pregnant and why measuring and reducing the EMF exposure of the bedrooms of pregnant mothers should be a part of every pregnancy plan for an optimum, healthy pregnancy and baby.  

"Keep that cells phone away from my baby"

These videos were specifically chosen for their wealth of information and protection tips about how to protect yourself and the ones you love.  Required viewing if you want to know what we're really dealing with... 

How Radiation (EMF) affects Fertility, Pregnancy & Children

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt - Smart Meters & EMR - The Health Crisis Of Our Time

Doctors Present Evidence of Wireless Radiation Impacts on Children