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EMF Testing

EMF Testing & Remediation in Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Safe Living Spaces provides professional EMF Site Assessments in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The whole process can take between two and four hours for a two-three bedroom home.  

If you have health concerns about nearby power lines, cell phone towers or about the invisible EMFs in your home, then call the EMF Lady for a Free Consultation or to book a survey of your home or workplace. We’re here to help.  Employers may be interested in having an assessment of the work environment for health reasons as well.  

How We Test

We Test For EMFs Inside and Outside of the Living Space:

EMF Meters



Each home and building is unique.  EMF measurements require taking measurements at specific points throughout the home or work place.   We strategically measure for the four types of EMFs to detect and ultimately determine the sources and intensity of the exposure levels.  At that point, a protection strategy can be discussed based on that home, with those occupants and how they live there.



EMF Testing at Homes*
For residential clients we focus on the sleeping areas and areas where you spend the most time.  That involves detecting and measuring for 

  • AC Magnetic Fields – High voltage power lines, transformers, electrical wiring, appliances etc…
  • AC Electric Fields – Household wiring, appliances, cables, computers etc…
  • RF Radio Frequency Fields – Wi-Fi, nearby cell towers, DECT Baby Monitors, bluetooth, wireless anything
  • Dirty Electricity – Basically anything that is plugged in creates a field of DE radiating out one to two feet

An EMF Home Assessment will also measure and/or detect:

  • Stray Currents on gas and water pipes from electrical wiring errors
  • Body Voltage Measurements – shows how much a human body is electrically “charged”, if an electric field is present.


Each of these types of EMFs require separate meters and measurements. A more detailed breakdown of each is below.


AC Electric Fields: created by any electric current in a wire or cordless phoneswiring. It radiates from all live electrical wires and devices, whether the device is on or off.   An AC Electric Field meter is the only device that can measure these fields.

Common Sources:  Electric Clocks, Chargers, Cordless Phones, House Wiring, Laptops, Buried Power Lines, Overhead Power Lines, Electric Appliances, Stoves and Electric Stove Tops, Any Visible Electric Wire, plugged in or not.



Smart Meter

AC Magnetic Radiation: electromagnetic radiation that is generated when the device turns on and electricity flows. It can extend up to three feet from the source. The only way to know the levels is to use a magnetic field meter to measure them.

Common Sources:  Dimmer Switches. Electric Clocks, Cordless Phones, Refrigerators / FreezerS, Breaker Panels or Fuse Boxes, Electric Utility Meters, Chargers, Hair Dryers, Electric Tooth Brushes, Overhead Power lines, Buried Power Lines, Internal Wiring errors, Newer Light Bulbs, Stray Voltage on Water Pipes, Gas Lines, Cable TV Lines and Phone Lines


RF Radio Frequency Fields (WiFi / Wireless): Nearby high-voltage lines, power lines and wi-fi-dangertransformers are often of concern. We measure for high levels and recommend a course of action. This type of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is created whenever any device transmits or receives information, voice, data or text – even in standby mode. 

RF sources in home: Smart phones, consumer wireless devices and tables security systems, DECT cordless phones & baby monitors, wi-fi routers and modems, printers, mice, keyboard, bluetooth-enabled devices, video gaming devices, microwave ovens, fitness devices

RF sources outside home: cell towers, electric utility ‘smart’ meters, AM/FM radio transmitters,nearby neighbors devices, other transmitters like cell phones




Dirty Electricity from your building’s wiring. It is everywhere now — in homes, schools, and businesses.  Whenever electronics, appliances, energy-efficient lights, and other electrical devices turn on, they create Dirty Electricity. Dirty Electricity radiates a yard or two into a room, even when power is off. 
Common Sources: Household Electronics, Household Appliances, Computers & Laptops, Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs), Electric Utility “Smart” Meters, Baby Monitors, TV’s, Game Systems, Solar Power Chargers, Dimmer Switches, Cordless Phones, Printers, Cell Phone Towers, Common Household Electronics



A complete EMF Consultation

You will see reduced levels in your home immediately. I will explain the most useful scientific data concerning EMFs , taking the time to show you how EMFs are generated, how they affect your health and provide tips on minimizing exposure. I explain which authorities have the best guidelines on what is safe or harmful and the reasons for their conclusions.

A Complete EMF Report

You will be provided with a written report showing the location and intensity of EMFs within the property and given practical steps on how they can be eliminated or avoided at minimal cost.   You will be given additional suggestions related to EMF avoidance and reduction verbally and in the report.   

Some suggestions may include:

  • Changing room configurations, especially of your bedroom, to allow better sleep (including presence of clock radio, position of bed, etc.).
  • Possible use of Stetzerizer dirty electricity filters.
  • Education on safer use of cell phones and electronic device/equipment in the home
  • What to do about Wi-Fi and suggestions how you can stay connected safely 
  • When sources are outside of the home and not able to control, sometimes the only solution is to shield windows and beds.


If electrical wiring or plumbing current is deemed the source of elevated EMFs, an electrician or plumber may be required to come to the location.

Reducing High EMFs (Remediation) is a must if your goal is to live in a health-supporting environment. You don’t have to get rid of all your electronics.  It’s about getting smarter and safer when using them.  You can choose to do it all at once or one step at a time.  Becoming EMF-Aware will begin when you see and hear the chatter of noise from the EMFs for yourself coming from the meters and seeing the actual readings where you live and sleep.  It is eye-opening, to say the least. 

To schedule an appointment for on-site testing, or for a free 15-minute consultation, please call Julia at 505-670-6738 or send her a message about your concerns and inquiries.

*office and commercial premises will differ