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CREDIBLE RESEARCH / SCIENCE LINKS The most comrehensive independent report to date on the adverse health effects of RFR nad ELF based on more than 2000 scientific studies. By leading researchers from around the world.  Scientists from 40 countries call on U.N. and WHO for greater protection against non-ionizing radiation  Today, more than 190 scientists from 40 countries called on the U.N. and the WHO for greater protection against non-ionizing radiation.  This includes microwaves and radio frequencies from wireless technology as well as poor power

Dr. Magda Havas PhD  is one of the foremost authorities on EMF pollution and its impact on health.  Her site has excellent information related to electromagnetic fields (EMF) that originate from our use of electricity and wireless communication technologies.  It mainly deals with the harmful effects that EMFs have on human health, wildlife and nature. 

Dr. Sam Milham  Author of "Dirty Electricity & the Electrification of Civilization". A respected researcher and voice for EMR awareness. Website of Camilla Rees who also started Campaign for Radiation Free Schools.  One of the leading voices for global awareness and change in EMF safety guidelines

Microwave News - One of the best newsletters on the topic of EMF.  Recent headlines and up-to-date coverage of the entire electromagnetic field issue from the leading information resource in the field.  One of most exhaustive link directories online. Environmental Health Trust, website of Dr Devra Davis, scientist, researcher and a leading voice of the movement, Important website for raising awareness of EMFs in our environment. 

NIEHS - National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences - Access to many U.S. government funded EMF reports from past years, and good background information on Electric and Magnetic Fields.

The MobileWise report "Mobile Phone Health Risks--The Case for Action to Protect Children" reviewed 200 studies showing biological risks to children.  Download it and read it today to share with your children and those that care for children.

CNET Cell Phone Radiation Chart - Provides SAR (specific absorption rate) figures for many cell phone models.

The International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety A website on the dangers of cell phone towers and other sources of EMF

Powerwatch (UK)  a small non-profit, independent organisation with a central role in the UK EMF and Microwave Radiation health debate.

WEEP The Canadian Initiative to stop wireless, electric and electromagnetic pollution

International EMF Alliance 

The EMR Policy Institute - This activist site takes a responsible and informed position on EMF/EMR issues. Access to recent scientific papers and other resources

American Society of Environmental Medicine  warns of health effects from EMF and RF radiation and state "The evidence is irrefutable that smart meters cause illness". 

LINKS RELATED TO EMFs and CHILDREN Dedicated to educating the public about the dangers of EMF to children and during pregnancy WiredChild will help you reduce the risks from using mobile phones, cordless phones, wi-fi and other wireless products. dedicated to helping the public realize that wireless internet, or WiFi, emits radiation that causes a myriad of serious health effects, including damage to DNA, cancer, and infertility. Research shows that autism, ADHD, and other behavioral problems are also associated with wireless radiation exposure.

High school students in Denmark show how Wi-Fi affects biology:


All of the links below are great resources for EMF Safety products and are reputable, trustworthy and knowledgeable. While this list is not exhaustive of the other sources online, I have purchased from the three websites below and can recommend them highly. 

EMF Help Center Oram Miller's page dedicated to understanding, reducing and managing EMF exposures.

Safe Living Technologies  great resource for information and products

LESSEMF  for a trusted source of other EMF safety products not listed on this website. the US distributor of genuine Stetzerizer Filters.  Shaun is a great resource and has been doing assessments a long time.  I recommend his site and great service.

EHS & Electro-Hypersensitivity

Electric Sense – living with EMFs - Tips and advice from Lloyd Burrell, an electrosensitive with nearly 10 years experience, on living a healthy life in the face of electromagnetic pollution from cell phones, Wifi, dirty electricity and the like.  He has a great newsletter.  Sign up for it!  


The Swedish Association for the ElectroSensitive 

Rocky Mtn. Environmental Health Association 

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) | Smart Grid awareness 

Overcoming Electrical Sensitivity - From someone who has suffered from this condition, Gilligan Joy traces the development of his illness, and details the steps he took to recovery. A well written site that will benefit anyone who is struggling with this problem.  Gilligan also offers the ability to download the whole site to a .pdf for printing for those too sensitive to read it online. 

Peer reviewed, double-blind study showing how electro-sensitivity is caused by wireless technologies:

From : a great website devoted to informing the public about this subject. 10 of 14 studies which show significant biological effects from living next to a cell phone tower. In PDF format


ANTENNA & SAR RESOURCES input your address to find the location and number of nearby RF/microwave antennas. Astonishing! 


CNET Cell Phone Radiation Chart - Provides SAR (specific absorption rate) figures for many cell phone models. - A submission-based catalog of wireless networks. Interactive; put in your address and see the networks around you.  Used to promote education, research, and awareness


Autism may be Linked to Electromagnetic Radiation Levels In Mother’s Bedroom During Pregnancy  Pilot Study Finds Over 20x Higher Microwave Power Density in Mothers’ Sleeping Locations During Pregnancy


Wi-Max to Blanket America in Microwave Radiation  Millions of Sensitive People May Have Difficulty


Ambient Microwave Radiation From Wireless Technologies Linked to Higher Residential Electricity Cost  High Frequencies from Neighborhood Cell Phone Antennas Found to Speed Up Utility Meters, Increasing Bills


EPA’s Efforts to Issue Exposure Guidelines for Radiofrequency Radiation Suppressed for Years  Guidelines May Have Made Cell Phones Illegal 


Compact Fluorescent Bulbs Promoted for Energy Efficiency Emit Hazardous Radiofrequency Radiation Energy Efficient LED Bulbs a Far Better Health Choice


Pregnant Women Who Use Cell Phone 2-3x Day Associated With Increased Behavioral Problems in Offspring.  In a study of over 13,000 children, incidence of emotional symptoms, behavioral problems, inattention, hyperactivity and problems with peers increased by 54% with mothers use of cell phones, and by 80% when the children, at the age of seven, used cell phones themselves.


Dirty Electricity Elevates Blood Sugar Among Electrically Sensitive Diabetics  may explain brittle diabetes.  Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. IEEE Eng. Med. Biol. Sept/Oct 173-175, 2002.  Magnetic Field Exposure and Cancer: Questions and Answers. National Cancer Institute.



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