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"Thank you for coming over, we learned so much! You’re great at what you do and it was clear that you are passionate about what you do. I can appreciate that passion 100%. You are making a difference in this crazy world, keep doing what your doing. "

Brittney Bruaw, Santa Fe, NM

"After being a gamer for a few years, in one day I couldn’t function around any electricity anymore. I had a constant headache and ringing ears just walking into my home. Julia came over, did a survey of my place, found dirty electricity above 500 (she said), did other things and after just 24 hours, for the first time in months, I don’t have a headache. Thanks for all the info and handouts also. I am really glad you were recommended to me. Thank you so much."

Joseph W. Santa Fe, NM

"We want to be sure to thank you for the Radon testing at our new home in Santa Fe. As you can imagine, there is plenty to do as we continue to move forward and you calmed our fears about radon. Also, we appreciate the attachments that you have provided."

Ken & Marisel Powell, Santa Fe

"Thank you so much for taking the time to come over Friday and for sharing your wealth of information with me. I appreciate you! I’m so thankful you are doing this. I have already implemented some of your suggestions and we will work on getting more filters little by little."

Judith Owens, Santa Fe, NM

"I'm mostly low-tech but was concerned for a long time about the big cell tower on La Bajada and what, if any, affect that was having on me at my home.  I had Julia come over.  I found out that my home isn't affected, She also made some suggestions I could easily do for my bedroom. So all in all, it is a healthy home.  Just knowing that relieved my fears.  Thanks!"

Robin Speas, Santa Fe