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Julia Whitfield

Committed to providing solutions that improve where people live and work so they can live their best life.

Welcome to Healthy Home Evaluations of New Mexico

I am passionate about creating healthy, natural indoor environments that support health, spirit and well-being. Often, this means educating and involving people in the holistic solutions I offer that will best suit their individual homes & lifestyles, 


To raise awareness of the importance of being "EMF-Aware" and reducing toxins in their environments, for all humans but especially for children. This awareness will prompt action and protective measures that yield real results. I hope this knowledge is shared with others.

To build the “Healthy Home Evaluations" brand to mean real action, real solutions and real advice you can trust.

To make a positive difference in the world and be an advocate for change wherever corporate profits are put before public health.

Julia Whitfield with Nikki & Tank, Santa Fe, NM 2016
Julia, Nikki and Tank, Santa Fe, NM 2016


The Radon Lady began in 2015 with Radon Measurement Services and expanded into EMF-EMR Assessment & Mitigation in 2016.  

I've spent most of my life as an entrepreneur, with 15 years in e-commerce (beginning in 1998, in natural turquoise jewelry) which kept me glued to my PC for 12 hours a day or more. After 13 years, I was feeling nauseous after a few hours in the office.  Then I realized it felt better not being there so I figured my home office was toxic & making me sick.  For health and other reasons, I eventually closed the e-commerce business and avoided being around PC's as much as I could and didn't think much more about it.

I became a radon inspector three years later, which increased my awareness of indoor air quality and stirred my interest in other topics related to healthy homes.  Soon after,  I was once again spending long hours on my PC in a wi-fi setting.  The symptoms began again but changed; now I couldn't focus or concentrate, I had ringing in my ears that lasted for hours after I left the office, and something new: a 1" layer of itchy, vibrating electricity covered my face. (I found out later washing my face helped...)

In my search for the cause of my symptoms, I learned I had signs of Electro-Hypersensitivity. Then I found out about electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic radiation, microwave radiation and dirty electricity (EMF/EMR/MR/DE), and how this electrosmog is permeating our lives, in addition to the thousands of studies showing the have adverse health effects on the human body and genome. I have now became passionate about learning more, and becoming an advocate for change in individual lives and in public policy where possible.

Fascinated about science, health and human potential, my life purpose is to raise EMF-Awareness and understanding, motivate people to listen to the message and take action, and directly reduce exposure one family, one office, and one building at a time.

Today & Going Forward

Today there is no Wi-fi in my home. The keyboard, mouse and PC are all hard-wired. I use an air-tube headset when on the phone and land-line telephone at home. I don't use the microwave or my electric  toothbrush.  The bedroom has no electricity  at night at all.   Everything is unplugged while I'm sleeping, and the phone is not even in the room... 

I suggest educating yourself...looking at the Safety Tips here and on the many other important websites out there and then make as many changes as possible to reduce the radiation levels at home and at work.  Teach your children. Watch out for the babies and spread the word.

If it's overwhelming, start small and take one step at a time, like not putting your cell phone to your ear anymore and never for more than two minutes, instead using an air-tube headset, texting or using speaker phone.  Remember, distance is your friend and every little thing adds up, amounting to possibly the most important life choices you ever make.


In health and love, Julia

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Certified EMRS, Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist 

Alumni of the Institute of Building Biology & Ecology in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on track to receive their BBEC, Building Biology Environmental Consultant certification in May, 2017.  Principle concentration is the Bau-Biology principles of ecology, electromagnetics and bulding science/building physics: how to create indoor environments that optimally support health and well-being and bring them as close to nature as possible. 


Bau-Biology principles for ecology & human health


AARST-NRPP - Certified Radon Measurement Professional #108312




Association of Radiation & Science Technologists & National Radon Proficiency Program  professionals utilize ANSI American National Standards and best practices for radon measurement and mitigation; leading the radon community in scientific inquiry, communication, and radon risk reduction.  



Other EMF/EMR Related Training 

Lloyd Burrell - Beating Electrohypersensitivity Course

EMF Solutions   - Electromagnetic Radiation Course

Self-Study Over 100 hours of self-study of videos, books and published papers discussing EMF and its effect in our lives, communities and health present and future.


Steering Committee member for the Santa Fe Alliance for Public Health and Safety, an activism and education group fighting the proliferation of cell towers, smart meters and EMR producing devices into our community. Member of Santa Fe Doctor's W.A.R.N. (Wireless and Radiation Network), an activism group of health professionals in Santa Fe researching the health hazards and risks of continuous E.M.R. exposure on human beings. For more information, visit Cellular Phone Tast Force



Intl. Electromagnetic Health Association 

Membership-based activism organization to reduce smart meter proliferation.

Contact Shaun Kranish of for more info.




La Tierra Toastmasters Club #891

Santa Fe, New Mexico

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